基于模型(MBD)的电子元器件定义,使能PCBA 从需求到产品的全流程数字化



Model Based Definition (MBD) of electronic components,

enabling digitalization from requirement to product for PCBA

The global 2552 MBD community is growing - is your company ready to join?



The following companies have shown their support for IPC/DAC-2552. 


Component Suppliers - Component manufacturers who have indicated they want to be involved in and/or are planning implementation, share your logo on this page, so others can see your dedication to 2552 MBD.


If you are an EMS or OEM company and see your suppliers on this page, ask them where they stand with their 2552 MBD Capability to support your 3D Digital Design plans.

Component Manufacturers

Academy and OEM/EMS

Software Supplier